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Friday, November 22

7:00 AM

3:00 PM

Optional Outdoor Activities

Marsh Tours

Explore the rich biodiversity of the Louisiana marshlands with guided tours that offer a close-up view of this unique ecosystem. Participants will enjoy boat rides through scenic waterways while learning about the local flora and fauna from experienced naturalists. The tours will highlight conservation efforts and the importance of preserving these vital habitats.


Participants are responsible for: Warm jackets and pants. 


Cast & Blast Trip

Join seasoned anglers on an exciting fishing trip in the abundant waters around Buras, Louisiana. Whether you're a novice or an experienced fisher, this trip offers the chance to catch a variety of fish species while enjoying the serene beauty of the area's lakes and rivers. Expert guides will provide tips on techniques and equipment to enhance your fishing experience.

Trip will depart directly after dinner on Thursday the 21st to head down to Buras for a full day adventure targeting waterfowl, redfish and trout on the 22nd. Equipment provided.


Participants are responsible for: Warm jackets and pants; waterproof or water-resistant gear, hunting license and duck stamp.


Duck Hunt

Experience the thrill of duck hunting in the picturesque wetlands with professional guides leading the way. This activity is designed for both novice and experienced hunters, providing a safe and educational environment to practice shooting skills and learn about duck behavior and habitat. Participants will have the chance to hunt from strategically placed blinds and enjoy the camaraderie of a group hunt.

Participants are responsible for: Warm weather waterproof hunting gear, waders, firearms and ammo, hunting license and duck stamp.


Deer Hunt

Embark on a deer hunting adventure in the lush forests surrounding Baton Rouge, guided by local experts who know the best spots for a successful hunt. Hunters will have the opportunity to test their skills and patience in the quest for whitetail deer.

Participants are responsible for: Warm weather hunting gear, Minimum of 400 sq. in of hunter orange, firearms and ammo, hunting license.


Sporting Clays

Sharpen your shooting skills with a sporting clays shoot offering a dynamic and challenging experience for marksmen. This activity is a great way to enjoy friendly competition and enhance shooting accuracy.

Participants are responsible for: Ear and eye protection. Warm jackets and pants.


Trapping Activity

Take a field trip around Louisiana to learn about the various types of trapping they have available.

Participants are responsible for: Winter clothing. Please bring winter jackets, pants, and boots. 

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