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Representative Jeff Goley

National Assembly of Sportsmen's Caucuses

Representative Jeff Goley

State Representative Jeff Goley was first elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 2004 and currently serves the state’s 8th Senate District of Hillsborough. Demonstrating his commitment to promoting pro-sportsmen’s legislation at the capitol in Concord, Representative Goley joined the New Hampshire Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus in 2006. He currently serves as a Caucus Co-Chair and is an active member of the National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucus’ Executive Council.

During his time in office, Representative Goley has supported and been an advocate for advancing the interests of sportsmen and women. In 2013, Representative Goley sponsored HB 1290, which allows nonresident students attending a university full-time in New Hampshire to purchase hunting and fishing licenses at the residential rate. Additionally, in 2014, he sponsored HB 256-FN -- a bill relating to the enforcement authority of New Hampshire Fish and Game Officers and the improvement of the department. That same year, he sponsored HB 1379, which protects private citizens from disclosing firearms records to the public under the Right-To-Know Act. Due to his continued commitment to the lawful gun owners of New Hampshire, Representative Goley has continuously received favorable ratings from the National Rifle Association.

Representative Goley played a pivotal role in reviving the New Hampshire Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus. Reflecting on the revival, he said, “In recent years, the Caucus has experienced considerable growth and has likewise increased its effectiveness. I look forward to continuing this positive trajectory in the years ahead.”

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