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Representative Bill Rehm

New Mexico Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus

Representative Bill Rehm

Representative William “Bill” Rehm has been a member of the New Mexico House of Representatives since 2006. In 2009, Representative Rehm served as Co-Chair of the New Mexico Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus. In 2015 Representative Rehm was appointed Chairman of the House Safety and Civil Affairs Committee.

Chairman Rehm is a seventh generation New Mexican, whose family began ranching in Magdalena, New Mexico in the 1840’s. His grandparents told him stories of range wars, gun fights in the streets of Magdalena, meeting Chief Geronimo, and the infamous Sheriff Elfego Baca who is well-known for the “Frisco Shootout.” As a child, his grandparents took him hunting, fishing and taught him to respect and protect the environment. Because of their influence and a childhood filled with outdoor activities, Chairman Rehm became an avid hunter and angler, with a great desire to protect New Mexico’s sportsmen’s heritage.

Chairman Rehm is a life-long member of the NRA and the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Mule Deer Foundation.

In 1998, Chairman Rehm became a member of the New Mexico Game and Fish Habitat Stamp Central Committee – a joint committee consisting of sportsmen and women and the agencies that manage the lands they hunt, fish, and trap on. The committee oversees funds raised through the sale of New Mexico Habitat Stamps, and the revenue raised is dedicated to funding of pro-active habitat improvement projects across the state. In 2001, Chairman Rehm was named Chairman of the committee.

Chairman Rehm works closely with the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish, R.O.T.C. and other local groups to enhance shooting sports and preserve outdoor sportsmen’s activities. Chairman Rehm continues to be a champion of pro-sportsmen’s legislation, fighting to protect New Mexico’s hunting and angling heritage.

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