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Kenneth Roberts

Wyoming Game and Fish Commission

Kenneth Roberts

Kenneth Roberts was thrilled when he was asked to serve on the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission by Gov. Mark Gordon. A week or so after accepting the position, Roberts was already in Cheyenne at his first Commission meeting.

Roberts, the Clerk of the 3rd Judicial District Court in Lincoln County, was selected by Gordon to represent District 3, which encompasses Lincoln, Teton, Sublette and Uinta counties. “The Game and Fish Commission, to me, is the crown jewel of the State of Wyoming — bar none,” Roberts said. “You realize the magnitude of serving on the Commission really fast, then you realize how great of an organization it is and how everybody is so into it for the right reasons. It’s such a policy-driven board. You want to create good policy. You want to create good budgets. You want to make sure you’re serving the people of Wyoming.”

Roberts shares a passion for the outdoors like many Wyomingites. “I show up at the boat ramps with everybody. I show up on the streams with everybody. I drive up the country with everybody,” he said. “I want access and opportunity for everybody.”

Roberts also wants to see the older generation of outdoor enthusiasts get more involved in mentoring youth, such as with hunter education. He also feels the quality of employees across the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is high and wants to help make sure they stick around. “Having good policy is one thing, but you need the personnel to run it,” Roberts said. “I’d like to help maintain and keep our employees, because they all are awesome and know exactly what’s going on. What can we do as a Commission to help that out?”

Roberts represents one of the most diverse districts when it comes to Wyoming’s outdoor spaces with challenges such as elk feedground management and the battle against invasive cheatgrass. Roberts said the vastness of Game and Fish and the responsibility of the Commission can be overwhelming, but he’s embraced it. “It’s an absolute honor. I hope I’m a good steward, and I hope I do my part to represent Wyoming,” he said.

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