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John Daniel

National Trappers Association

John Daniel

John Daniel was born in Southeast Tennessee which is where he has resided for his entire 58 years. John is married, has 4 children, 4 stepchildren and a total of 14 grandchildren with another on the way.

John's accomplishments include being the current President of the National Trappers Association, and the following former positions of President of Fur Bearers Unlimited and President of the Tennessee Fur Harvesters.

John is a seasoned trapper with 45 years of experience which includes most species of both land and water fur bearers with knowledge obtained from having trapped in many different states. Of all the fur bearers Mink remains his favorite.

Of John's his most cherished accomplishments, besides parenthood, it is starting the Hiwassee Trappers Training Camp at the Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge in Birchwood, TN. This is a free camp that has been on going for 15 plus years now and was founded on John's determination and commitment to keeping the heritage of trapping alive.

He firmly believes that to accomplish this goal the trappers of this country need to work closely together to build stronger relationships and alliances with other like-minded groups.

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