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Jeff Darrah

Montana Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife

Jeff Darrah

Jeff Darrah was a Montana Game Warden for 26 years before retiring. Jeff worked
throughout Montana, but his last 14 years he served as the FWP Warden Captain for Region 2
out of Missoula, MT. Jeff graduated from the University of Montana with a B.S. in Wildlife
Biology and furthered his education with over 1,100 hours of Wildlife Enforcement training. Jeff
has experience in trapping black bears and has been involved in several grizzly bear issues in
Region 2, which included grizzly poaching, attended IGBC Meetings, grizzly/human conflicts,
grizzly bear caused human fatalities, grizzly food storage issues, and the development of a
response effort to grizzly bear attacks.

Jeff now serves as the Executive Director for a Montana Sportsmen’s Group, Montana
Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife.

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