Dan Gates

National Trappers Association and the Fur Takers of America

Dan Gates

Dan Gates is a current Board Member of the National Trappers Association and the Fur Takers of America and is also the current President for the Colorado Trappers and Predator Hunters Association. He began his trapping career at the age of 12 and has turned it into a lifelong avocation, livelihood, and career.

For 37 years he is the Owner and Operator of a Wildlife Control Business while providing solutions to human animal conflicts for Industrial, Commercial, Agriculture, Residential, Utility and Defense Clients. His involvement in local, regional, and national Conservation issues allows him to actively engage at many levels to support not only trapping but hunting and fishing as well while defending, promoting, and enhancing the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.

Running a business with his wife of 33 years and his son allows the family to not only pursue what they cherish and believe in but to also do what is right for the Sportsmen Community as a whole.

An accomplished Wildlife Control Professional that is equally successful in Agriculture depredation complaints allows him to be a resource for private, public and government agencies alike.

Sustaining natural resource management objectives is imperative and his and his family’s knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication is second to none.